Established 1963

Non-U.S. Securities Litigation

In light of the global exposure of our clients’ portfolios and the U.S. Supreme Court’s limitation on class actions predicated on investment losses incurred outside of the United States, Labaton Keller Sucharow launched one of the first non-U.S. securities litigation practices in the United States and has achieved a level of specialization unmatched by our peers.

The Firm’s Non-U.S. Securities Litigation Practice identifies, analyzes, and tracks all non-U.S. shareholder actions, including those not publicly reported, where a formal legal framework exists to recover damages incurred by investors due to corporate fraud.  Careful tracking of these actions is important for institutional investors, as many non-U.S. jurisdictions require investors to opt in to participate in such actions; passive participation is often not an option. 

Our Non-U.S. Securities Litigation Team, composed of a group of seasoned litigators, is dedicated to analyzing potential securities actions in international jurisdictions and offering legal advice on the risks and benefits of joining them.  The team draws on our extensive in-house resources to monitor for potential claims and works with non-U.S. counsel with whom we have longstanding relationships to evaluate the merits of potential non-U.S. actions.  We conduct an in-depth analysis of each case, including examination of jurisdictional issues, review of the merits, and consideration of the potential risks and benefits of participating in any non-U.S. action.  When appropriate, we also act as liaison counsel for our clients and directly manage their participations in non-U.S. actions by overseeing the litigation of attorneys in foreign jurisdictions.

Unlike most other firms, Labaton Keller Sucharow does not charge or accept referral payments or remuneration of any kind from non-U.S. funders, counsel, or any other source.  This approach enables the Firm to provide objective, unbiased analysis and recommendations, and assures clients that their best interests are the Firm’s sole focus.  Our attorneys have more than three decades of experience working with institutional investor clients on non-U.S. actions through an international network of law firms.  Labaton Keller Sucharow serves, or has served, as liaison counsel to dozens of distinct clients in more than 90 non-U.S. cases.  We are actively involved in overseeing these matters, including consulting with local counsel on litigation strategy.  Our analysis of international cases is sharpened by our decades-long relationships with leading law firms and litigation funders in key jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, Eastern Asia, Latin America, and Western Europe.  These strong connections with international practitioners provide knowledge of country-specific litigation and settlement practices, court personnel, and substantive law that complements our vast experience.

The Liaison

The Firm’s Non-U.S. Securities Litigation Practice publishes a bi-annual newsletter, The Liaison.  This publication serves as a valuable resource, keeping institutional investors informed about significant developments and settlements in non-U.S. securities litigation, as well as providing a comprehensive analysis of non-U.S. securities litigation trends.