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Attorney Development

Development Program
Labaton Keller Sucharow’s broad and diversified platform fosters career growth through a strategically tailored attorney development program.

Attorney development at Labaton Keller Sucharow is a career-long goal.  We support the development of every attorney through a variety of programs and initiatives led by attorneys and professional staff.

Labaton Keller Sucharow believes the best way to learn the law and develop as a lawyer is through experience coupled with continuing education.  From their first day, our attorneys are active participants in the work of the firm, contributing to the services we provide to our clients.  To supplement this hands-on experience, we offer a robust attorney development program that incorporates training, mentoring, performance feedback, and social/networking opportunities to foster each attorney's professional engagement and advancement within the Firm.

We do not limit our attorney development efforts to the associates of the Firm.  We have designed programs especially for partners that take into account the set of skills that partners need at their sophisticated levels of practice.

LKS Associates Committee

The Associates Committee ensures that new associates, whether arriving right after law school or as laterals, transition smoothly into the Firm.  Committee members organize welcome events for new associates, work continuously with associates to cultivate and implement initiatives aimed at improving life at the Firm, and organize and facilitate regular training and networking events to foster relationships between associates, partners, and senior members of the Firm, including throughout the Summer Program.  Members of the Associate Committee also serve as informal mentors for associates, in addition to their assigned mentors.

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