Mergers & Acquisitions

While recent developments in the financial marketplace have signaled an uptick in overall economic recovery, such activity doesn't always bode well for shareholders of public companies. An environment ripe for deal flow can also be an environment rife with misconduct. Unfortunately, recent trends in deal structures reflect an increase in efforts to minimize shareholders' rights, interests, and compensation.

We simply refuse to accept such misalignment of interests and abuse of fiduciary duties.

With a compelling track record, an office in Delaware where many of these matters are litigated, and a tremendous foundation in corporate and securities law, we are uniquely able to take swift and powerful steps to ensure that shareholders interests are protected and their voices heard. To be sure, in numerous recent cases we have foreclosed the efforts of executives and boards of directors to squeeze shareholders in order to close a "sweet deal" for themselves.

In addition to deals that are against shareholders' interests, we also litigate matters where company leadership engages in business practices that violate the duty to act with care and loyalty. Recent examples include challenges to the structure and amount of executive compensation packages, defended ostensibly to attract hot talent. These excessive and unnecessary sweetheart pay packages directly cost shareholdersthe legitimate business owners—untold tens of millions of dollars. In other matters, we challenge corporate leadership to fully adhere to their duty to shepherd company assets—such as sensitive consumer information or other intellectual property—conduct which, if not followed, sends stock prices plummeting at the expense of shareholders.