Non-U.S. Securities

Financial fraud crosses borders. So do we. It has become clear that the world's largest investors will increasingly need to look beyond their own borders as they seek to achieve necessary returns. Accordingly, our clients work hard to develop geographically diversified portfolios and engage in new investment opportunities. With increased exposure comes increased risk, however, which heightens the need to appropriately safeguard their beneficiaries' interests regardless of the countries in which they are invested. Potentially damaging fraud and misconduct disregards geographic boundaries - as such, international monitoring and analysis are crucial to investment risk management.Labaton Sucharow is one of the first U.S. law firms to recognize this need and we have assembled an international team of professionals active in, and sensitive to, a multitude of jurisdictions.

In recent years, the Firm has taken on a groundbreaking role in offering advice to both domestic and international clients regarding class and group actions brought overseas - most of which require an active decision to participate. Labaton Sucharow combines its own team of seasoned securities litigators with similarly high-level expertise offered by allied firms in key overseas jurisdictions to create a truly international law practice. We have forged alliance with law firms in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, England, Canada, and Australia to provide clients with far-reaching capabilities.

Liaison Counsel Regarding Non-U.S. Actions

On behalf of investors that may be affected by, and considering involvement in, non-U.S. matters, our international experts are able to make inquiries, collect and submit trading data for loss and recovery analysis, and review and redraft contracts on a fully anonymous basis. Considering international actions means dealing with very nuanced legal cultures and engaging multiple parties. By combining our track record of successful U.S. actions with our international expertise and network of experts, we become a comprehensive source of information and guidance for our clients.

Proactive Portfolio Monitoring

In addition to representing our international clients in full-scale litigation, we are often asked to provide proactive portfolio monitoring services, serving as the "eyes and ears" that protect our clients' interests. This involves monitoring our clients' investment portfolios to identify irregularities in and outside of the U.S., particularly those instances in which the client holds shares in a company accused of misconduct or other wrongdoing. When potential opportunities for loss recovery are identified, we undertake a careful examination and analysis to evaluate the potential of the case.