Rian Wroblewski

Senior Investigative Analyst


Rian Wroblewski joined Labaton Sucharow in January 2011 as an Investigative Analyst. As a member of the Firm's Investigative Team, Rian develops critical intelligence for case development.

Prior to joining Labaton Sucharow Rian had nine years of private investigation experience including government and corporate contracts. He has extensive knowledge in various investigative technologies and methodologies used within the intelligence community and has worked closely with clients to develop investigative solutions. Additionally, he has provided expert commentary to The Washington Post, Investors Business Daily, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and other news outlets.

Rian earned his B.S. in security management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also obtained certifications in computer forensics from the World Institute for Security Enhancement and email tracing and internet profiling from Consulting Investigative Services, Inc. Rian is an active member of the FBI's Infragard Program.