Brooklyn Law School Partners with Labaton Sucharow on New Securities Arbitration Clinic

Brooklyn Law School
September 26, 2013

Mark S. Arisohn and Joel H. Bernstein discuss Labaton Sucharow's Partnership with Brooklyn Law School on New Securities Arbitration Clinic

The program serves a dual purpose: to assist defrauded individual investors who cannot otherwise afford to pay for legal counsel; and to provide students with real-world experience in securities arbitration and litigation.

"I'm excited to work with my alma mater and law students who have demonstrated an early commitment to pro bono work," said Bernstein, a shareholder litigation expert who has recovered more than a billion dollars in damages to wronged investors. "Along with the program's value to underrepresented individual investors, this Securities Arbitration Clinic will provide a valuable experience for students as future lawyers."

"We are proud to partner with Brooklyn Law School on this very important endeavor, Arisohn said. "In a world where securities litigation tends to be more accessible to large institutional investors with dedicated legal teams, it is crucial for us to provide our services as legal professionals to underrepresented investors in order level the playing field. At Labaton Sucharow, we work towards market integrity and fairness, and that should not be limited to a select few."