5 Signs Your Firm Will Pass You Over for Partner

February 29, 2016

Michael W. Stocker discusses some flags for associates be aware of if trying to make partner at a law firm

A smaller portion of the workload compared to what is on other associates’ plates is a big red flag that an associate is not meeting the requisite marks, especially if those assignments are not getting progressively more challenging, according to Michael W. Stocker, a partner at Labaton Sucharow LLP who offered a few points to consider.

“If you’re continuing to do the same level of work year in and year out, it may indicate a lack of faith in your abilities,” Stocker said.

Stocker added if associates keep encountering conflicts with multiple people, they have to ask themselves what they “are bringing to the table that might be making that happen.”

“Is there something about your communication style, for example?” he said.

Stocker also emphasized the importance of being social. An office door that is constantly closed is not only a missed opportunity to talk about the previous night’s baseball game, but it also means missing the opportunity to build relationships and garner new assignments.