States are Going After Opioid Makers

Washington Post
February 26, 2018

Michael P. Canty cites bipartisan support fighting the opioid crisis

In a recent article by the Washington Post, the course of action to combat the effects of the opioid crisis taken by state attorneys general in states, including Kentucky and Ohio, was discussed, as well as efforts taken by congress. 

The shockingly fast rise of opioid abuse—the rate of death from opioids was five times higher in 2016 than in 1999—combined with intensifying public attention make the drugs prime legal fodder for states facing the problem on the ground. Partner Michael Canty said he and his colleagues have met with about 25 attorneys general to consult on whether to bring lawsuits over opioids.

“Democrats and Republicans alike, they are both passionate about solving the issue,” Canty said. “We have whole communities that can’t work, that can’t prosper. It has sucked the life out of their states in so many ways.”