Miami Ruling Keeps Court Doors Open for Watchdog Workers

October 20, 2016

Jordan A. Thomas comments on Florida court ruling for watchdog employees

Recently, whistleblowers escaped a possible dismantling of protections under Florida state law when an appeals court restored a former city of Miami auditor's claims that he was fired for reporting securities violations. The court also rejected arguments that could have negatively impacted such suits from watchdog employees.

Partner Jordan A. Thomas spoke with Law360 about how the federal level, auditors, accountants, attorneys, and other gatekeepers are treated differently from other employees under the SEC's whistleblower program, but only with regard to whether they are eligible for a monetary award. "The employment protection is much simpler," Thomas said. He added, "The best hope for a defense is an alternate basis, another actionable basis for termination. But if that were the case, the defendants in this case would've made those arguments."