Can Keyless Entry be a Deadly Option? Ten major automakers sued over alleged keyless ignition defects.

NPR, Daily Journal
August 28, 2015

Martis Alex remarks on lawsuit claiming alleged keyless ignition defects

Martis Alex, the lead lawyer for Labaton Sucharow, said the suit’s primary purpose is to persuade automakers to install automatic shutoff systems, which she described as a simple software update that could be dealer installed (as it was on older Chevy Volts). But the suit also seeks “recovery of economic loss,” she said.

Alex said that, particularly when parking in their own garage, people tend to leave the keys in the car for convenience. And some cars with keyless entry have lacked such warnings.

She also said defendant General Motors Co. knew of the flaw and tried to correct it. “General Motors has a patent for auto-off technology," Alex said. "In the patent, it says that consumers may leave the engine running and be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning."