Keyless Ignition Cases Proceed; New Death Suit Coming

Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter
October 26, 2015

Martis Alex comments on the keyless ignitions consumer case 

“The problem that we are seeing again and again is that it's very easy to exit these cars not knowing that the engine is still running. And if the car is left in an enclosed space, we're seeing horrifying incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Chair of Labaton Sucharow’s Consumer Protection Practice, Martis Alex.

The plaintiffs are asking for the manufacturers to provide an “auto-off” feature in the subject vehicles, Alex told Bloomberg BNA. “Is it a simple fix? We believe it is. It's a software fix,” she said.

Alex, the plaintiffs' attorney in the class suit, said the rationale for the class action is “simple—we want to save lives and protect millions of drivers and their families who are at risk from these automobiles that have keyless ignition fob systems, but do not have any kind of an auto shut-off.”

Automakers “failed to understand the hazards associated with replacing the Physical Key with a Keyless Fob,” including the risk that drivers used to using a traditional key to turn off a vehicle would ‘fail to appreciate that a keyless fob plays no role in turning off” the engine of a keyless fob-equipped vehicle,” the class complaint says.