Most Feared Plaintiffs Firm: Labaton Sucharow

November 10, 2014

Lawrence A. Sucharow and Thomas A. Dubbs comment on case highlights over the past year, for which the Firm earned a “Most Feared Plaintiffs Firm” recognition

“We talk about the white hat and the black hat in a joking way, but I know my partners and my successful brethren all believe they’re wearing the white hat,” said Lawrence Sucharow, Chairman of the Firm. “They’re not just taking the client’s position, but also a morally responsible position. It’s not just recovering money for a client — it’s almost a cause.”

He added, “Plaintiffs firms, like defense firms, have different personalities,” Sucharow said. “We’re tenacious but modulated. We try to come up with practical solutions and resolutions, but if we are compelled to litigate, we’re excellent at what we do.”

Regarding corporate reforms and governance, which often results from the Firm’s work, partner Thomas A. Dubbs said,  “I think the size of the [AIG] settlement, particularly under the circumstances at the time where some feared AIG might go bankrupt, sends a deterrent message to corporate America about their financial reporting.”

But despite the unique aspects of the suit and the impressive settlement size, Tom said it was merely an example of the fearlessness and persistence with which the Firm prosecutes its cases.