Keyless Ignition Deaths Mount as Regulators and Auto Manufacturers Slow to Act

Scripps News
August 26, 2015

Martis Alex gives an exclusive interview on the Firm’s consumer class action against automakers over keyless ignition carbon monoxide deaths

Scripps’ investigative reporter, Mark Greenblatt, sits with partner Martis Alex, the lead attorney on the keyless fob consumer class action. The case involves at least 13 deaths and many serious injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by cars with keyless fob ignition systems. When drivers leave these cars with the engine left silently running—a common occurrence—there is no automatic shut off to protect drivers and their families.

“We’re filing this litigation because we feel like we need to do so to protect millions of Americans who are driving vehicles that have a safety defect that can kill them,” said the suit’s lead attorney Martis Alex of the New York law firm Labaton Sucharow in an exclusive interview with Scripps.

“We want that defect fixed. And the defect is, the keyless fob vehicles that don’t have an auto shut-off.”

“Consumers have written complaints to NHTSA to let NHTSA know about this problem,” Alex said. “We have to step in. NHTSA hasn’t. These deaths are preventable and we want to stop them now.”