After Tip, The Claim For Reward

Wall Street Journal

November 16, 2011

Jordan A. Thomas comments on the types of tips submitted and the SEC's desire to encourage whistleblowers.


Jordan Thomas, who helped to craft the whistleblower program before leaving the SEC in July, said the quality of the submissions have been high.

"Some relate to senior people at large financial firms and other corporations, typically hard targets for the SEC to successfully bring enforcement actions against," said Mr. Thomas, now acting on behalf of whistleblowers as a partner at law firm Labaton Sucharow LLP.

Mr. Thomas, the former SEC official, said the agency wants to encourage high-level whistleblowers. "If it is a close call whether the information provided by the whistleblowers was significant or not, I think the SEC's going to err on the side of the whistleblowers," he said.