Blowing the Whistle

Risk Management Professional
March 20, 2012

Jordan A. Thomas provides insight on why other countries should consider whistleblower provisions similiar to the U.S. Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program

"By encouraging anonymity people will question why that option has been taken. The claim could be malicious. It raises more concerns than answers. "In many of the most significant frauds Thomas has investigated or prosecuted, he has found that organizations have lacked a culture of integrity, not adequate policies and procedures

He says: "If people feel it's okay to cut corners - if their focus isn't on what's best for their customers, investors and fellow employees - they will make choices that will lead to bigger and more unethical choices."

Thomas believes more needs to be done in the UK. He says: "PIDA only provides employment protection and antiretaliation protection; UK whistleblowers face the same challenge as we did in the US. They face difficult personal and professional choices to come forward and protections alone are insufficient to get many of them to come forward. There needs to be some carrot there."