SEC Whistleblowing project pulls in seven tips a day

Operational Risk & Regulation
November 18, 2011

Jordan A. Thomas provides his expert insight on the international impact of the SEC Whistleblower Program.


He also says that the relatively large number of tips from overseas – 32 out of 334- is significant. "We have never had such a high percentage of foreign tips before; I think this can definitely be attributed to the new whistleblowing provisions," he says. "The bounty provisions coupled with the close working inter-related markets of the US and the UK have has an impact on this."

And Thomas expects the number of overseas submissions to the SEC's whistleblowing programme to keep rising. "Of all the places that there's been the least education about this programme it's overseas," he points out. "We're already seeing this number as big as it is, so we're likely to see it grow once there's greater education."