To Blow the Whistle – or Not

Human Resource Executive Online
January 12, 2012

Jordan A. Thomas discussed how Labaton Sucharow's survey results suggest widespread wrongdoing in the workplace

If this trend continues, the number of whistleblower submissions is likely to exceed the number of cases that the Enforcement Division actively investigates, according to Thomas, who says he was surprised by the overall results of the survey.

"At the SEC, I knew that there were no shortages of securities violations to investigate and prosecute," he says. "However, the findings of this survey and my experience in private practice, suggest that wrongdoing in the workplace is far more widespread than I originally thought.

"This program, in concert with other regulatory reforms," he says, "has the potential to dramatically enhance investor protection and restore public faith in the markets," noting that "no one knew that the percentage of Americans willing to report wrongdoing would be so high due to the new incentives and protections provided for by Dodd-Frank."