TPG Capital Threatened to 'Gut' Whistleblower 'Like A Carp,' Lawsuit Claims

Huffington Post
April 2, 2015

Jordan A. Thomas remarks on company's "kamikaze" legal strategy in an attempt to stop a whistleblower

In a recent law suit involving a former head of public affairs for private equity firm TPG Capital, Jordan A. Thomas represents a whistleblower alleging that TPG improperly charged investors for expenses that should have been paid by the firm. The whistleblower claims he sent an email warning about the illegal practice to TPG's chief counsel but was threatened and then fired.

"TPG apparently decided to adopt what can best be described as a kamikaze legal strategy," Jordan told Huffington Post. "Kamikazes were effective in war in causing damage, but they also died. Historically, these strategies do not work out well."