Whistleblowers Get His Attention

Crain's New York Business
July 3, 2014

Jordan A. Thomas discusses the Firm's whistleblower practice during a recent Q&A with Crain's New York Business

Q. Why do you choose to represent corporate whistleblowers?

A. I've always identified with the underdog. I grew up in modest means in Los Angeles, moved around quite a bit when I was young and grew up fast. Whistleblowers are seen as pariahs, yet they're trying to report potential wrongdoing, which is important. They need someone to help them navigate that path.

Q. How do you identify a good whistleblower case?

A. I have a team of forensic accountants, former FBI agents and financial analysts, and we hire outside investigators when necessary. We have a lot of resources and look at hundreds of cases that we don't take.

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