Plaintiffs Attys Say EU Antitrust Litigation Plan Falls Short

June 12, 2013

Greg Asciolla praises the European Commission's new plan to promote private antitrust damages actions as a step in the right direction

"The EC's proposed legislation, if adopted, will significantly impact the landscape for private enforcement of antitrust violations in the EU.  We can expect to see more individual and collective antitrust actions for damages as the legislation seeks to harmonize rules among the EU member states by easing access to critical evidence, clarifying the rights of indirect purchasers, and further defining joint and several liability among violators of competition laws.

"Importantly, not only does the proposal cover individual damages actions, but it also applies to collective actions in those EU member states where such actions are available. As the EC has recognized, collective actions are an effective means to improve the ability of large groups of victims with low individual damages to be fairly compensated for antitrust violations.  This proposal provides further ammunition in support of such efforts.

"The EC's draft directive is another meaningful step in the right direction in the EU's long journey to provide an effective means in which to compensate all European citizens and businesses that have been victimized by infringements of antitrust law."