Titan of the Plaintiffs Bar: Gregory Asciolla

November 14, 2014

Gregory Asciolla named “Titan” and one of the most admired attorneys of the plaintiffs bar by Law360

In a profile piece featuring Firm Antitrust Co-Chair Gregory Asciolla, Greg’s willingness and ability to sift through complex commodity trading data has allowed him to transition to a “new breed” of antitrust case.

According to Firm partner Michael W. Stocker, "What Greg has done is go to pension funds and explain antitrust law to them in a way that helps them understand how their own portfolios can be affected," Stocker said. "He's been able to explain and interpret antitrust law and the implication of anti-competitive [conduct] to a financial audience that has never really heard about it before."

Greg’s “professionalism and intellectual rigor” have earned high praise from both current and former colleagues across the board.

"A lot of people get put in the plaintiffs or defense bar category, and what tends to get lost is the quality of the antitrust lawyer," said Allen & Overy LLP's John Terzaken, who worked with Greg at defense firm Morgan Lewis, and he has since gone head-to-head with his former colleague. "He's a very thoughtful antitrust practitioner first and a plaintiffs attorney second. He's not someone who's merely in it to play the game of litigation. He really understands the issues and is very thoughtful on them."