Scholarship and Leadership

In addition to our work for individual clients, Labaton Sucharow has been at the forefront of sweeping initiatives to improve corporate responsibility.

Founding Member of the Institute for Law and Economic Policy (ILEP) 

One of the most influential organizations in the area of corporate governance, ILEP unites judges, scholars, and policymakers to review and recommend change in the governance of public companies. ILEP's symposium law review articles are regularly cited by renowned judges, including a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Partner Edward Labaton has served as President of ILEP since its founding in 1996.

The American Law Institute (ALI)

ALI is the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and improve the law—including examining the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers of business corporations to both the business and its shareholders. Partners Thomas A. Dubbs, Michael W. Stocker, and Edward Labaton are elected members of ALI.

John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance of the University of Delaware

Labaton Sucharow is a patron and was instrumental in the task force of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, which drafted recommendations on the roles of law firms and lawyers' in preventing corporate fraud through improved governance.

Partner Michael W. Stocker is a member of the Advisory Committee, and Edward Labaton previously served in this role for many years.

National Association of Shareholder and Consumer Attorneys (NASCAT)

A membership organization of approximately 100 law firms that practice class action and complex civil litigation. Through the aegis of NASCAT, the Firm continues to advocate against those who would legislatively seek to weaken shareholders' rights, including their right to obtain compensation through the legal system.

From 2009-2011 Partner Ira A. Schochet served as President of NASCAT, following in the footsteps of Chairman Lawrence A. Sucharow who held the position from 2003-2005.

Securities and Exchange Commission's Trading and Markets Division

Partner Michael W. Stocker has spoken about liability for credit rating agencies under the landmark Dodd-Frank Act. His articles on corporate governance issues have been featured in a number of national trade publications.