National Employment Lawyers Association's (NELA) 2016 Annual Convention

Los Angeles, CA
June 22, 2016 – June 25, 2016

The National Employment Lawyers Association's (NELA) will host their 2016 Annual Convention on June 22–25, 2016.

Partner Jordan A. Thomas will participate in a panel discussion titled "Representing The Executive Whistleblower." This panel would address the unique issues that arise when representing a corporate executive whistleblower, from intake through settlement. When an executive comes into your office for a consultation, what facts might form the basis of a whistleblower claim? The lawyer must be cognizant of these issues, and the questions to ask, as many corporate executives who have been fired (or not) may hold whistleblower claims under various federal and state statutes, or have information that could lead to an award under one of the new whistleblower reward programs, such as the SEC or CFTC.

Because of the unique position held by corporate executives (e.g., c-suite executives, lawyers, compliance or HR officers) issues may arise that do not for other employees and whistleblowers regarding privilege, fiduciary duty, purloined documents, and, in the case of HR/compliance professions, the ability to bring claims of retaliation at all. Unique issues also arise when drafting settlement agreements for executive whistleblowers, such as for those who have provided information to the SEC Whistleblower Program.

The program's full agenda is available here.