Michael W. Stocker Participated in a Debate on the JOBS Act and its Effect on Investors at Venture Shift, Hosted by Vator

San Francisco, CA
July 19, 2012

On July 19, 2012, Venture Shift gathered the top angel investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to explore the changes disrupting the VC industry.

The questions explored were: Are accelerators/incubators here to stay? There's a plethora of incubators/accelerators, but can they survive? How does the JOBS Act help/hurt entrepreneurs? After a decade of abysmal returns, many VC funds have closed up, and then a bunch of new funds have emerged. Who are they? What's their value to entrepreneurs? Who will be the winners in the long run? There are a lot of funds going into early-stage deals and a lot going into later-stage deals. But there's a dead zone in between. How much of a problem is this? What's the new exit look like? $100M exit or $1 Billion IPO? With so many start-ups being funded with under $1M, are the new investors looking for M&A exits? If so, does that change the way start-ups are being formed and built?

Michael W. Stocker engaged in a debate on the JOBS Act and its effect on investors.