Jordan A. Thomas Discussed the Implications of The Bribery Act and FCPA at this Thomas Reuters-hosted event

Washington, D.C.
November 10, 2011

Thomson Reuters hosted an event entitled "The Bribery Act/FCPA Enforcement 2012 Briefing" on November 10, 2011. Partner Jordan A. Thomas will serve as a speaker.

Issues covered included:

  • The future of enforcement in the US and the UK
  • The development of joint prosecutions between different countries and the relevance of the double jeopardy rule
  • Why legal devices designed in the US to encourage defendants to come forward and settle the prosecutors claims were developed and why the UK has yet to develop similar systems
  • Whether the robust efforts of the American legal system in anticorruption have reduced levels of corruption taking into account that the US's Transparency International public corruption perception index ranking has slipped in recent years
  • Recent US and UK prosecutions - lessons to be learned by organizations at risk