Jordan A. Thomas Participated as a Speaker at InvestoRegulation's Third Annual Hedge Fund Regulation Symposium.

London, UK
January 25, 2012

Three years after the worst financial crisis in a century and the regulatory response is in full swing. Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are leading a new charge against insider trading, testing the boundaries which traders hitherto understood to be within the realms of acceptable practice and attention is also focusing on aspects of the new Bribery Act and in particular the way in which hedge funds market themselves to sovereign wealth fund operators. Understanding the implications of all these developments will undoubtedly determine which hedge funds survive the current regulatory purge.

InvestoRegulation's third annual Hedge Fund Regulation Symposium drew together the leading experts and practitioners in the field. They addressed specific regulatory initiatives in detail, and cast an analytical eye over the ultimate priorities of international regulators - not just in the immediate future but beyond the current wave of rulemaking. Partner Jordan A. Thomas served as a speaker.