Jordan A. Thomas Served as a Panelist at Corporate Responsibility Magazine's Commit! Forum

New York, NY
October 03, 2012

Corporate Responsibility Magazine hosted it's 2012 Commit! Forum on October 2-3, 2012.

Partner Jordan A. Thomas participated in the panel titled "The Best Brand You Can't Buy--Establishing an Ethical Brand." Successful corporations can and do establish unique cultures and valuable brand identities. In the same way that Nordstrom's emphasizes customer service and Apple emphasize innovation, every organization can establish a culture of integrity and successfully leverage this brand. The presentation:

  • Examined how recent scandals have undermined well-known companies
  • Revealed key findings from corporate ethics surveys
  • Provided practical tips for establishing a culture of integrity that deters misconduct
  • Shared internal and external communication strategies for promoting and protecting your ethical brand
  • Discussed the collateral benefits of establishing an ethical brand

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