Invited Testimony before Texas House of Representatives Pensions Committee on Pension Funds’ Fiduciary Responsibility Post-Morrison

Austin, TX
April 13, 2016

Attorney Marisa N. DeMato will testify before the Texas House of Representatives Pensions Committee, alongside Texas pension funds, to address the changing legal landscape public pensions have faced since the Supreme Court’s Morrison decision and highlight the best practices for non-U.S. investment recovery. The Pensions Committee will hear testimony on the following charges: (1) study the impact that fluctuations in global financial markets have had on public pension funds, (2) analyze assumed rates of return on investments, structures among asset classes, long-term and short-term investment goals, and (3) make appropriate recommendations to ensure the investment structure of public pension funds are meeting fiduciary responsibilities. Other invited testimonies include:

•  Teacher Retirement System of Texas – Brian Guthrie, Executive Director, and Katrina Daniel, Chief Healthcare Officer
•  Texas County and District Retirement System – Amy Bishop, Executive Director
•  Employee Retirement System of Texas – Porter Wilson, Executive Director
• Texas Pension Review Board – Anumeha, Executive Director