A Year of Corporate Wrongdoing: Presenting Potential Solutions from Across the Atlantic

London, England
November 19, 2012

In this era of corporate scandal, the world needs to address how and why the financial services industry has lost its moral compass, and what the necessary steps for recovery are. 2012, in particular, has been a phenomenal year for corporate wrongdoing and following scandals such as Libor rigging, to name just one, the integrity of British businesses is lying in the balance.

What will it take for the financial services industry to admit that it has a corporate ethics problem? What kind of measures would be effective enough to bring about real change? How can we ensure that corporate wrongdoing will not go unnoticed?

The Henry Jackson Initiative will host Jordan A. Thomas, Chair of the Whistleblower Representation Practice at Labaton Sucharow and former senior regulator at the Securities Exchange Commission. As a long-time first responder to corporate wrongdoing, Mr. Thomas will share his unique insights on how responsible organizations can establish and nurture a culture of integrity. He also will highlight the need for the UK to follow the lead of the U.S. and implement far-reaching programs to encourage potential whistleblowers to come forward, internally or externally, to expose corporate wrongdoing and corruption. Assigned to some of the most high-profile matters during his time at the SEC, he will draw on his experience of Enron, UBS, Citigroup and Fannie Mae and talk about how the new framework in the U.S. has already reaped significant benefits and led to more people to breaking their silence and reporting a wide-range of significant securities violations.

The program's full agenda is here.