Non-U.S. Securities

Cases in Point

Labaton Sucharow – U.S. address. International reach.
  • Fortis SA/NV (Belgium)
    Labaton Sucharow serves as liaison counsel in the Belgian action against Dutch/Belgian bank/insurer Fortis. We are actively monitoring the Dutch action against Fortis for our clients. The allegations involve misrepresentations surrounding the company's 2007 acquisition of ABN Amro Holding NV, and the September 2007 Rights Issue used to finance that deal.

  • Olympus Corporation (Japan)
    Labaton Sucharow is actively advising our clients on the progress of Japanese legal actions against the Japanese consumer electronics company Olympus. In 2012, Olympus admitted to engaging in a decades-long complex accounting scheme to hide massive company losses under the cover of legitimate acquisitions.

  • Vivendi (France)
    Labaton Sucharow currently represents several of investors as liaison counsel in this action, which was brought to France after the Supreme Court's decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank. The Firm also provides monitoring and advisory services to additional investors.

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