Client Monitoring & Case Evaluation

Institutional Investor Protection Services

Our Case Evaluation approach is measured and deliberate: Identify an issue. Investigate. Analyze. Advise.

In a rapidly changing economic environment, institutional investors are challenged to deliver excellent returns and safeguard their assets in an era of rampant misconduct, which involves significant time, expert analysis, and targeted technology. For most institutional investors, this requires a partner—a teammate who can insulate a portfolio from harm, so the investor can focus on the fulfillment of critical fiduciary duties.

This is where Labaton Sucharow’s client services team can assist. Through the team’s specialized expertise and portfolio evaluation program, we are uniquely capable of identifying areas where financial losses may be recovered both in and outside of the United States, track trends that are of potential concern to investors, and we recommend the options at hand. These options may include strategies outside of the typical class action litigation arc. Our aim is to provide realistic scenarios for recovery tailored to each client’s needs that allow clients to focus on their daily responsibilities without fear of missing critical developments.

We further scrutinize the merits of each potential case—and the damage caused—to ensure that we pursue the right cases on behalf of our clients. Whether or not a case is the “right one” depends on a number of factors.

Our approach works.

Specialized Expertise

Our significant expertise in financial analysis and forensic investigations—earned over decades of examining and managing such cases—allows us to analyze and dissect scenarios where significant harm has occurred and compelling avenues for recovery exist. Our process enables us to advise actions and build cases that succeed.

Exceptional Teamwork

With a collaborative team of trained attorneys complemented by a seasoned staff of forensic accountants, investigators (including former FBI agents), and financial analysts, we are uniquely positioned to address the most sophisticated financial issues in the context of what is legal and what is fair. Our team brings unique experience and insight to issues of financial malfeasance, enhancing any analysis we undertake.

Targeted Technology

Labaton Sucharow has created cutting-edge technological tools which connect clients to up-to-the-minute case information and portfolio developments. The Firm has developed a proprietary program to catalog, track, and analyze our clients’ current and historical investment records, LPAS. This sophisticated program allows us to quickly ascertain our clients’ financial exposure to companies alleged to have committed some wrongdoing that negatively affects investors. If our clients have suffered a loss, our client services team examines and evaluates the case, exploring every angle in order to determine the best course of action.

Informative Reports

The information we collect and track is all documented in a variety of reports that we provide clients.  Further, results of our ongoing review and research are available 24/7 through our secure client login portal. This portal offers a customized central repository for a broad range of information such as client loss tables for PSLRA cases; research reports and case alerts; key documents and information about pending litigation in which the client is a party; upcoming deadlines and dates; settlement audit results; claim deadlines and other relevant client information. For items of immediate import, clients are alerted promptly with full details and analysis, and we work collaboratively to map out next steps.

Proven Methodology

In addition to our hands-on review and analysis, Labaton Sucharow's case evaluation model ranks key factors of a meritorious case, providing additional insight toward developing a tailored—and winning—legal strategy.

At the root of Labaton Sucharow's Portfolio Monitoring program is our unwavering commitment to serve clients proactively. We are more than just trial lawyers. We are guardians of our clients' interests.

Our proactive, in-depth approach to investigation and evaluation allows us to build cases that withstand inevitable motions to dismiss. When we identify a case with merit, we advise action. When our investigation has failed to substantiate public allegations, we don’t hesitate to advise against action.