Staff Attorneys

Vivianne Abrahams
Adam Allan
David Alper
Timothy Barrett
Ebone Bishop
Maritza Bolano
Nicole Cameron
Robert Carrigan
Carole Cleaver
Mashariki Daniels
Obadele Davis
Harmon Fields
Maureen Flanigan
Debra Fouchong
Lisa George
Donato Gianturco
Nadeen Gopie
Jacqueline Grant
Tryphena Greene
Justin Griffin
Duane Harley
Migiwa Hayashi
Ian Herrick
Jennifer Hirsh
Barry Kaplan
Joshua Korode
Todd Kussin
Erick Ladson
Cynthia Markham
Marie Mukete
Benjamin Nahoum
Comfort Orji
David Packman
Sean Parisi
Gertrude M. Pfaffenbach
Charles Pietrofesa
David Pospischil
Albert Powell
Esinam Quarcoo
Aron Rosenbaum
Laurence Rubenstein
Jason Saad
Betsy Schulman
Diana Stinaroff
Anuj Vaidya
Judy Watson
Daniela Weiss
Roger Yamada

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