Corporate Governance

Corporate governance reform is the responsibility of all investors. We make those reforms happen.

Rampant misconduct is prevalent in the financial marketplace. It is not enough to focus our expertise solely in the trenches of high-stakes litigation. We have a larger responsibility to our clients and the community to remedy the environment which gives rise to corporate misbehavior.

Labaton Sucharow achieves landmark settlements improving corporate governance standards relating to ethics compliance, transparency and disclosure.

We Create Change

With each case Labaton Sucharow takes on, we work not only to recover financial losses, but we strive to change the structures and behaviors that enable misbehavior to occur in the first place. In order to best protect the interests of shareholders, we examine the broad spectrum of checks and balances in a company including executive compensation, director independence, auditing and financial reporting practices, and disclosure and voting procedures so as to effect meaningful, lasting change.

Equally important to the billions of dollars we have recovered for our clients and the thousands of investors they represent, Labaton Sucharow helps to reform widespread misconduct in the corporate marketplace. We have pioneered some of the most aggressive and creative corporate governance paradigms; remedies that result in enhanced accountability and transparency across industries.